Now, more than ever it is essential to make our expressions clear and concise. People are inundated all day long with a flurry of sensory inputs, so the bolder we are with the message, the more impactful it can be. I often look to haikus to provide me with a sense of how to say much with little. The 14th century Zen Monk, Ikkyu Sojun wrote “You stand inside me naked infinite love, the dawn bell rips my dreaming heart”. Ikkyu spoke to the depths of his most intimate and pristine dreams and the misfortune of waking from such a wonderful moment. In his haiku, he took us to a place we can all relate to and made the story ours as well. In my visual art, I seek to embody this ethos to bring hard to define elements of our being to the fore.

Trillium Novus

Exultant Iridis

I’m an interdisciplinary artist originally from Tacoma, WA, but I’ve always had the heart of a New Yorker. My formal education comes from an MA in Interdisciplinary Arts from The University of Washington with a specialization in rhetoric & composition and social science.

I have been engaged in various artistic endeavors since my youth and I have a tremendous passion for human expression through all visual mediums. I’ve authored several books on religion, consciousness and philosophy and have been published broadly in digital and print. My photography & digital art have been shown at MoMa PS1 and Superchief Gallery here in NYC and Noon Gallery in Brussels, Belgium. I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world since the age of 10 and have worked in, and explored Europe, Asia and Central America. This has deeply informed my cosmopolitan perspective and given me a deeper sense of connection to humanity at large.

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