Living and working in Suffolk, KEVINA BADOYE (b. 1982) is specialised in portrait and nude paintings.  She is regarded as one of the leading figurative painters from Mauritius.

Passionate about pursuing an artistic career, Kevina developed her fascination for painting at a very young age. After winning a state scholarship, she joined the only art school in Mauritius where she earned a First-Class BA Fine Art Degree in 2007. However, she met constant rejection to exhibit her paintings in her home country because they depicted nudity alongside social and political themes which were considered as controversial and inadequate to be shown in public. In frustration and determined to put her passion and talent into practice, Kevina moved the same year to London to enrol at Middlesex University where she completed a Masters’ level in Fine Art in 2008 and a Doctorate in Art in 2016. Her body of work now still revolves around the figurative, the existential and female identity, and it incorporates elements of symbolic meaning.


Having been a previous member of The Guild of Erotic Artists in the UK, Kevina explores an intimate rendition of the female nude, balanced by meticulous brush strokes and loose abstraction. Her recent paintings project a narrative of feminity, eroticism and abandonment, and display details with an incredible level of finesse and skill. Other works portraying mainly solitary figures in nondescript settings embody a raw poetic combination of vulnerability, serenity, and sensuality.

Throughout her career, Kevina has had several solo and group shows, and her originals can be found in many private and corporate collections throughout the world.

Kevina Badoye is a contemporary Mauritian-born painter, now living in the UK. Her figural work often features lone women, set in shallow or intimate settings, and rendered with earthy coloured skin tones and dark hues.


“As an artist, I feel blessed with a sensitive, inquisitive mind and soul. I live to observe and paint while being guided by my artistic instinct and creative flow.


I look at every painting as its own entity, as a challenge for constant experimentation and evolution. I turn to acrylic paint as an outlet to convey a sense of narrative and to create a beautiful and powerful representation of the female figure.


The female model is the starting place, the inspiration and motivation. I then approach my medium with a combination of realism and of intuitive and painterly flourish. I am fascinated by how the poise and the visible or invisible face of the model can alter the mood and story of a moment in a painting. Every work is a chance to explore the interplay of the female form with the intricacies of colour, texture and form, and of darkness and light in a specific mise-en-scène that would tell a story to the viewer.” Kevina Badoye, September 2021.

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Kevina Badoye

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