Simon Mc Nally

As a child, Simon discovered his interest in and appreciation of the arts. He developed his talent for painting and also dabbled in sculpture work.
Simon studied art throughout his school years and achieved the highest grade possible in the leaving certificate art exam. He continued to his study of art through a course in the National Academy of Art and Design in Dublin.
Alongside his degree in Interior Architecture and Spatial Design, Simon continued to pursue his passion and studied art & sculpture along with furniture design.

Oil & Silver leaf on Canvas Stanton Aviation (Dubai)

Paper glue, Oil on canvas Private collector (Oman)

Simon’s Work
Simon’s imagination has proved endless throughout his many years painting and he has created a wide range of work from charcoal to oils, from nature scenes to abstract paintings and even at one stage incorporating natural elements such as rocks and sand into his work.

Simon challenges himself to capture feelings and emotions in every piece of work – characters in his paintings, be they human or animal exude feelings and emotions from the canvass.

Simon works in all types of mediums; oil, water colour, acrylics, gouache, pencil, ink, charcoal and chalk. His work is diverse, with many subjects and many different sources of inspiration. He attributes his success to his diversity. His creativity enables him to produce varied work, something he would not change. His constant determination to try out new methods and new genres not only challenges him but excites him. He thrills in producing something unexpected!

Exhibitions & Commissioned Work
The Boiler House Exhibition

At the age of 16, Simon cleared out a country boiler room in a large country house. Against a backdrop of old bathtubs, cobwebbed stone walls and boiler equipment, Simon’s work impressed and he sold every piece to those who saw the simple paper signs advertising his exhibition on the remote gate posts. This first exhibition fuelled Simon’s desire to continue with his art and to continue to share his work and experiences with others through his timeless pieces.

Blood Line Exhibition: Following on from the success of the Boiler House exhibition, Simon took part in several exhibitions throughout his teenage years, one in particular in partnership with his father, Mel McNally, a renowned architect and well known artist – the exhibition – ‘Blood Line’ – was a huge success for both Simon and Mel.

Summer Hill Exhibition: The Summer Hill exhibition, a collaboration of 12 artists provided yet another platform for art lovers to view and experience Simon’s work and passion.
Simon was soon recognised and recruited by a gallery; Loose Links.Through Loose Links, Simon was invited to attend an exhibition at the RHA academy in Dublin, Ireland where he was commissioned by art lovers from around the world for bespoke pieces. Simon’s work was commissioned as far away as a hospitality project in Paramatta Australia and his work can be seen world wide.

World Art Exhibition, Dubai: Simon took part in World Art Exhibition in Dubai where his work was commissioned by art lovers from around the world.

Simon is known as a bit of a Nomad and he travels because he feels that experiencing one culture isn’t enough. There is too much beauty in others. Simon believes they all deserve to be expressed and feels that limiting himself to a style of art or culture is a disservice to others. The Irish are known for travelling and integrating into communities and this is something Simon enjoys above all. His current work is sold to those who know of his work and he has been commissioned by many across the globe. Simon is charitable in his thinking and states how he would ‘love to push my exhibitions to support charitable events or bring awareness to people through art’.

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Simon Mc Nally

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