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SM-ART is a revolutionary platform for the acquisition and sale of highly rare, unique and high value assets. Through SM-ART, interested individuals can purchase fractional interests in truly unique and sought after assets, leveraging the efficiencies of blockchain technology, and bank-grade cryptographic security to protect your assets.

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It costs as low as 5% to acquire assets through SM-ART. These fees are charged only once your bid is successfully completed.

Asset Tokens

Asset Tokens are digital certificates of ownership in real assets. The bearer of the assets tokens becomes the owner of a percentage of the underlying asset. These digital certificates are issued as ERC20-compatible tokens on the Ethereum network. Each asset that is tokenised by SM-ART is represented by a different type of Asset Token and it has a unique code. As an example, the Nautilus watch by Patek is represented by the code PTKNAUT1. Having PTKNAUT1 tokens in your digital wallet means you are part-owner of the Patek Philippe Nautilus.

The minimum price of a fractional token will vary based on the requirements set by the owner, but as a general guide the minimum is likely to often be 1,000 USD.  Fractional tokens of NFTs can be much lower than this.

Asset Tokens are issued as Ethereum tokens. When you hold your tokens in our platform, you can check your balance by simply logging in and going into your dashboard section where you can see the balances of all the assets and currencies you hold with us.

If you decide to hold your tokens in your own blockchain wallet, you can use any third-party compatible with ERC20 to check your balance. We recommend using high-security hardware wallets such as Ledger Nano and Trezor.

Asset tokens are tradable via SM-ART.  You can see a list of open bids relating to your asset and you will be able to then select a bid if it meets your requirements.


Ownership of your holdings is protected by cryptographic keys which are virtually impossible to crack. If you’re an institutional crypto user or investor you will likely utilise an enterprise custody solution for digital assets, such as Ledger Vault. If you are an individual investor or crypto user, you can use any of the safe blockchain hardware wallets currently available in the market such as Ledger Nano or Trezor. In the unlikely case that your cryptographic keys are lost or stolen, and provided that you have registered with our platform, it is technically possible to recover and/or re-issue your asset tokens after correctly ascertaining and verifying your identity and proof of purchase.

By utilising blockchain technology we remove the need to have a central register to track asset ownership. by decentralising this function, we not only lower the risk of a cybersecurity attack, but also we create an open ecosystem in which any other platform or market participant can provide services related to tokenised assets. Ultimately, blockchain is an open protocol standard, and as such it fosters transparency. We believe that by embracing these values, SM-ART can provide services related to tokenised fine art. Ultimately, blockchain is an open protocol standard, and as such it fosters transparency and free market competition. We believe that by embracing these values, SM-ART can further its mission to democratise access to the art market.

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