Trillium Novus

by Gabriel Dean Roberts

Fractions Available


99 remaining fractions available

ERC20 Tokens representing one single ownership fraction of the NFT.

Initial Token Worth

$125.00 / per fraction token
Price may increase subject to time elapsed and demand.

EEOS Token Worth

$175.99 / estimated end of sale individual fraction token value.

NFT Details

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97 remaining fractions available

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About the creator.

I’d love to share a bit of my background with you. I’m an interdisciplinary artist originally from Tacoma, WA, but I’ve always had the heart of a New Yorker. My formal education comes from an MA in Interdisciplinary Arts from The University of Washington with a specialization in rhetoric & composition and social science.

I have been engaged in various artistic endeavors since my youth and I have a tremendous passion for human expression through all visual mediums. I’ve authored several books on religion, consciousness and philosophy and have been published broadly in digital and print. My photography & digital art have been shown at MoMa PS1 and Superchief Gallery here in NYC and Noon Gallery in Brussels, Belgium. I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world since the age of 10 and have worked in, and explored Europe, Asia and Central America. This has deeply informed my cosmopolitan perspective and given me a deeper sense of connection to humanity at large.

I have strong skills in copy editing, graphic design, filmmaking, academic research, UX/UI implementation, web design, photography and photo editing. My greatest passion lies in using my culmination of experiences to provide perspective and clarity to whatever project I am involved in. I love to make complicated things easy to understand.

I invite you to explore my portfolio and get to know me better. Thank you for taking the time to do so!


Gabriel Dean Roberts



Become a fraction owner of this truly magical peice

Thanks to state of the art digital blockchain technology, you can now become a fractional owner of this magical piece of art. Your ownership data is stored on an immutable blockchain, the new age of ownership protection.

Always seek financial advise before making any investment purchase. By continuing you agree and accept the terms as detailed in the site Terms of Service
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Trillium Novus

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