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With the wide-spread adoption of cryptocurrencies, negative consequences to the climate have become cause for concern. Digital currency is a firmly established industry and we are immensely proud to be leading the charge in a world-changing space, but we are cognisant of leaving our legacy in the right way and doing right by the environment, while we shape the landscape of digital art. In the spirit of leading and pioneering a conscious way forward into the digital era of mankind, we invest equally in sustainability whilst identifying and implementing reduction pathways on our own carbon footprint.

SM-ART always seeks to partner with climate-positive causes, who share a common vision of sustainability, accountability and transparency. Our mission is to lead the charge within the 4th Industrial Revolution, whilst ensuring that our footprints are indelible on the planet – leaving an endowment of beauty, an unblemished planet and a world enriched with art for all to enjoy and experience.


Sm-Art NFT Sustainability Initiatives

Reducing our Carbon Impact

With every asset transaction through SM-ART, a token of the proceeds will always go towards an initiative, which centres on providing natural solutions to help balance our carbon impact. Research shows a trillion trees could be planted to capture huge amounts of carbon dioxide.
More specifically, with every four trees that are planted, a tonne of carbon over a span of 25 years will be offset. With that in mind, SM-ART has recently chosen Earthly – a science-backed natural solutions organisation, which helps balance our carbon impact. Its premise is working with nature to undo the damage caused by industry and create a climate-positive planet, which perfectly aligns with our values and efforts. SM-ART currently contributes to their Mangrove planting in Madagascar project.

Sm-Art NFT Sustainability Initiatives

Reducing Poverty

Reducing poverty is also an offshoot of our advocacy towards sustainability. These kinds of projects bring economies to their feet by creating jobs and offering opportunities for up-skilling and re-skilling in the most impoverished areas of the world. It is important that all of our sustainability efforts contribute to both environmental and humanitarian needs.
We strive to undo the damage caused by the industry, by making more educated choices with greener consequences, all the while shedding light on critical issues and raising public awareness for the environment and societies in need.

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